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“A London Dry Gin that combines elegance and freshness , intense aromas and enveloping taste. This, and much more, is Sevi Gin, born from a harmonious and suggestive encounter between Italy and Greece.

Sevi Gin starts from the desire to express Italian craftsmanship , specifically the Brianza of its producers and therefore a point of fusion between industry and craftsmanship, however undertaking a long journey that takes him to Greece. With the intention of leaving an indelible mark on every taster, this Gin combines the scents of Brianza and the strength of the Greek sea.

A product of craftsmanship , taste and desire , the result of the work of a true Brianza craftsman like Master Distiller Eugenio of @eugindistilleria, which made it possible to bring back into a bottle those same emotions of a fantastic Mediterranean summer.

There are 7 botanicals in total but those that certainly characterize it the most, in addition to Juniper (100% Italian), are: Sichuan pepper, Cardamom and almond, symbol of union between Italy and Greece.

Citrus scents stand out on the nose , even if there are actually no citrus fruits in Sevi Gin, this sensation is given by the Sichuan pepper which also brings with it fresh and slightly floral notes.

In the mouth it is fresh, soft and light, the citrus scents recreated in distillation are combined with slightly spicy notes and the almond fragrance, which leaves a sweet and persistent velvety sensation. The other botanicals amalgamate this strong difference between scents and taste, creating an unforgettable product.

Sevi Gin also stands out for its bottle , whose huge handmade beech stopper well represents the Brianza mastery in woodworking. Ah, now you might ask yourself: who is this Sevi? I'll give you a spoiler and tell you that "Sevastianos" is a Greek character, a real person, but the brand itself will reveal this story to you later! Time to time, in the meantime I recommend you to follow their page!”


 Did you know that…

Il_gEngineer is one of the first "Early Adopters" who has decided to collaborate in this entrepreneurial project, aimed at discovering excellent Brianza tastes. Our first product - SeviGin - is starting to make itself known to tell you step by step the Italian craftsmanship, now from Brianza, seen through its Greek eyes.


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