Sevi Gin is Desire

It was just an idea, it's reality today

It was June, the ideas were many and we had been thinking of a way to enhance the small agri-food realities that surround us for a year. Genuine products , fruit of the work of men, women and entire families, who dedicate their lives to their passion. True artisans of good food.

For us, e-commerce must be the means to unite yesterday's traditions with the new digital world of tomorrow. Sevi Gin for us wants to be the beginning of this journey.

This is our drive towards a wider project, linked to craftsmanship, taste and passion. We would like our traditions not to be abandoned but valued digitally.

The Essence

This is our secret... we wanted it this way so that it could remind us of the motivation that allowed us to undertake this project.

Follow us to understand it over time!

...Continue following our journey...

The desire

Artisanal London Dry Gin

Sevi Gin , a Artisanal London Dry Gin . Distilled in Brianza in a small independent distillery, born from a meeting between Italy and Greece, will give you an unforgettable break.