Sevi Gin is craftsmanship

Instinct and reason in the right measure, give life to art.

What is craftsmanship? Surely it's dexterity , it's the expression of our creativity , it's art , it's imagination and they are indispensable for us.

Sevi Gin was born from the desire to express Italian craftsmanship , specifically our Brianza . An area that extends from Lake Como to the gates of Milan. Melting point between industry and craftsmanship. Meeting place for us between Italy and Greece.

We wanted a quality product, an artisanal London Dry Gin to convey and share our vision.

Your memory is the driving force behind our imagination.


Craftsmanship for us is a bit like the heart and the head.


The fruit of a true Brianzolo craftsman, this is how we want to define Eugenio, our Master Distiller. A person full of ideas who has allowed us to recreate the emotions of a fantastic Mediterranean summer , with all its perfumes and scents. This is how we imagined it, fresh and enveloping , a balanced London Dry Gin that would leave all its memory after tasting it.


Our goal was to create a unique bottle. Brianza is known throughout the world for woodworking.

The Sevi Gin Cap is a recognition of this mastery. A simple material that transmits warmth and traditions.

We want this cap not to become waste, but to be reused by every consumer with creativity, in order to transform our dream into other ideas and other art.

...Continue our journey to discover taste...

The Craftsmanship

Artisanal London Dry Gin

Sevi Gin , a Craft London Dry Gin . Distilled in Brianza in a small independent distillery, born from a meeting between Italy and Greece, it will give you an unforgettable break.