Sevi Gin is Taste

Subjectivity plays a fundamental role in our personal taste.

We knew from day one what Sevi should be like for us. A London Dry Gin that could be enjoyed alone , without any addition of other drinks and without ice. A balanced Gin , which stood out for its aromas and which amazed for its almost sweetish final taste .

After several trials we were able to present it to you, hoping that our personal Taste can convince you too.

Our taste proposal.

There are 7 botanicals in this Gin, completeness. Each one gives its scents and perfumes with the right balance.

Citrus hints stand out on the nose, even if there are actually no citrus fruits in Sevi Gin. Its perfume has been recreated thanks to the use of three botanicals which in the right doses have allowed us to highlight their particular note.

The fragrance is instead given by the almond, symbol of union between Italy and Greece which leaves us with a sweet velvety sensation.

The other botanicals amalgamate this strong difference between scents and taste, creating a unique and unforgettable product.

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The taste

Artisanal London Dry Gin

Sevi Gin , a Artisanal London Dry Gin . Distilled in Brianza in a small independent distillery, born from a meeting between Italy and Greece, will give you an unforgettable break.