The craftsmanship in gin

In classical Greece, the technique, Technè, was what united art and craftsmanship, creating the essential connection that gives life to an excellent product.

The concept of craftsmanship derives from the craftsman, that is the one who creates a product through his passion, his time and his working tools.

And it is from here that we wanted to start our journey, looking for an independent distiller who would embrace and marry this production philosophy. We worked together with him, on our recipe, to be able to make a gin, which could stand out from commercial gins, in terms of softness and hints, typical of the botanicals used.

The result is to let you taste a high quality gin , made by a small craftsman from our province - Monza Brianza. There aren't many secrets, if not those of hard work, of the use of noble raw materials, but above all of time.

Sevi gin, a type of gin, which embodies the concept of craftsmanship .

Did you know that…

In order to taste a good gin in the most correct way, it must be drunk at room temperature (around 21 - 23 °C), this for a simple reason, if it is served at a higher or lower temperature, there is a risk of change the perception of aromas in the mouth. A small sip and before drinking it definitively, savor it a little in your mouth, trying to smell the different botanicals.

Drinking gin is a pleasure that requires the right amount of time, take it.

Remember: A good gin must be soft on the palate and absolutely must not be aggressive in the mouth.


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