And here we are, with another SEVI-branded novelty. Today we're talking about our Christmas box signed SEVI GIN, which has literally sold out in this period, and of which we will certainly make other productions as soon as possible.

Specifically, today we will tell you about:

  1. THE IDEA OF THE SEVI GIN BOX: the Christmas gift to put under the tree;
  2. LIMESTONE TONIC WATER ORGANIC: the BIO tonic water of Trentino Alto Adige;
  3. The JIGGER: a functional gadget.

    1. THE IDEA OF THE SEVI GIN BOX: the Christmas gift to put under the tree

    Our Christmas box is an essential kit for preparing an excellent gin and tonic: the ideal gift for gin lovers and more, to have under your Christmas tree. A Christmas idea of ​​handcrafted quality. The box consists of:

    • 1 bottle of SEVI GIN 20 cl format – the smallest of the SEVI family;
    • 2 bottles of LIMESTONE tonic water from Trentino Alto Adige each of 20 cl;
    • 1 jigger or dispenser to make your cocktail like at the bar.


    The composition of the Christmas box has been designed to give you the opportunity to taste our artisan gin (20 Cl format), not only in purity, but also mixed in one of the most famous gin-based cocktails of mixology: the classic gin and tonic . For this reason we looked for an accompanying tonic that could best balance the taste of the gin during the mixing phase.

    Behind the box you can find the gin and tonic recipe and a brief description of the product, both listed below:


    SEVI GIN: a soft and enveloping distillate; whose initial freshness is accompanied by a fragrant finish of almond flavors. The research and selection of the right botanicals and the craftsmanship of Eugenio Belli in his distillery, give us a unique and balanced London dry gin, to recreate the emotions of a fantastic Mediterranean summer at any time of the year.


    Ingredients :

    • 5 cl of SEVI GIN;
    • 10 cl of LIMESTONE tonic water;
    • Ice;
    • A decoration of your choice.

    Processing tools : the Jigger and a Bar spoon or anything that can help you mix the cocktail.

    Preparation : fill the glass with ice cubes and use the Jigger to pour the 5 cl of SEVIGIN. Then add 10 cl of tonic. Mix everything, without shaking the drink too much, to avoid degassing the LIMESTONE tonic water. Finally, garnish with the chosen decoration and enjoy your SEVI GIN TONIC in peace.

    2. LIMESTONE TONIC WATER ORGANIC: the BIO tonic water from Trentino Alto Adige

    Another very important element of our SEVI GIN gift box is tonic water .

    We went in search of a product with a balanced taste, which could marry best with our SEVI GIN. In the end, after having tried several, we chose LIMESTONE – the BIO tonic water from Trentino Alto Adige.


    It is an Alpine tonic water from a source in Trentino. A tonic with a slightly sour and bitter taste, whose perlage (or effervescence) delicately stimulates both the palate and the nose, releasing delicate hints of lemon; and this is precisely the element of its pleasant note of freshness.

    Its use in mixing, in the preparation of the classic gin and tonic, together with SEVI GIN, allows to achieve a balanced, soft and fresh final result. We are sure that it will not leave you disappointed, on the contrary, you can enjoy an exceptional gin and tonic directly at home whenever you feel like it.

    Finally, a little curiosity: LIMESTONE in English means limestone, the very one that makes up the mountain range of Trentino Alto Adige.

    3. The JIGGER: a functional gadget

    Lastly, a bartender's tool was chosen inside the box that could be useful to you when preparing your gin and tonic: the Jigger, a functional gadget.


    What is the Jigger?

    For all those who do not have full awareness and knowledge of the world of mixology and related work equipment, we give a brief description of what this bartender tool is.

    The jigger is a cocktail dispenser, useful for measuring the correct quantities of the chosen ingredients, in the preparation phase of your cocktail.

    Its shape resembles that of an hourglass, made up of two ends in the shape of an inverted funnel; they are usually of different sizes, a smaller one – also called Pony – and a larger one. The one proposed in our box has the following measures:

    • The small part is 2 cl;
    • The big part is 3 cl.

    How to use the jigger?

    We recommend using the jigger as follows:

    1. Holding the jigger with one hand, there is no best way to grip it, but usually barmen hold it between the index and middle fingers, using the thumb as a support base;
    2. With your free other hand, take the bottle of SEVI GIN and fill the larger inverted funnel to the brim;
    3. Finally, quickly rotate the hand holding the jigger to pour the liquid into the glass or shaker.

    In conclusion, we take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays. We look forward to seeing you soon with lots of new news!

    Did you know that…

    As promised we are working every day to research products or product combinations, which will give you the opportunity to try, or rather to taste, the typical features of our territory and beyond. Continue to follow us on our social channels and on the web page, so as not to miss our news and continue this fantastic journey together in the name of quality and craftsmanship.

    Try it!

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