Sevi gin - a conscious thought for the respect of the environment

Today we want to tell you another piece of our story, communicating to you how important it is for us to offer you products that take the environment into account. Currently, the environmental issue is much discussed, and for this reason we have started our entrepreneurial journey, taking this aspect very seriously.

The question to ask is the following: Is it possible to have a positive impact on the planet, but at the same time preserve the economic sustainability of a company?

Our answer is yes, trying to find solutions and collaborations with business partners, aimed at green thinking. Sustainability is the result of many small and large daily choices. Below, we describe the decisions taken behind the Sevi gin product - the Brianzolo artisan gin.

  1. Our production choice: Eugin – the independent distillery;
  2. The Sevi Gin cap - a cap to be reused;
  3. Your creativity - #Zerowaste.

1. Our production choice: Eugin – the independent distillery

A brief introduction from our master distiller.

We decided to share our journey with the master distiller Eugenio , for various reasons, but fundamentally both for his working capacity, in realizing a high-quality gin ; and for its entrepreneurial awareness, aimed at respecting the environment.

In concrete terms, in his distillery the stills are not powered by energy deriving from fossil fuels (ie fuels deriving from the transformation of organic substances, such as oil, coal and methane gas), but by stills powered by electricity.

Eugenio, since his entrepreneurial beginnings, has tried to create an artisanal production, based on the use of alembics, which were not fueled by gas. To achieve his goal, he went as far as Germany, where he bought a alembic powered by electricity . Basically, each phase of its production process is powered by certified electricity from renewable sources.

2. The Sevi Gin cap - a cap to be reused

Our beech cap is a continuous research, we have compared ourselves with various suppliers. We didn't stop at the first one, but we stubbornly went ahead, up to the signing of an agreement with a turner, who respected and followed our environmental logic.

The supplier, with whom we collaborate, has the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification for the Chain of Custody, which identifies all the steps of the materials used (wood and derivatives) – including the intermediate ones of production, transformation, finishing and distribution – which lead from the forest to the final consumer.

Finally, with the intent of recycle as much as possible , we are focusing on a marketing communication, aimed at making the final consumer understand the importance the reuse of the cap . In the initial photo, we gave you our idea of ​​how this object could be recovered. Our friends let their imagination run wild and made a beautiful candle holder out of the cork.

3. Your creativity - #Zerowaste

As mentioned previously, the purpose of Sevi's first product, that is Sevi gin - an artisanal gin from the Brianza area - is to have an environmental footprint in its business choices.

For this reason, we would like to communicate to each of our current and future customers, to treasure this possibility and transform it into a real recycling opportunity .

We look forward to seeing what each of you can achieve with this cap, and why not, with the bottle too; the latter could become a piece of furniture in your homes, for example a flower holder, or a base for the air freshener.

Did you know that…

We are also working on the label, trying to find a supplier who can help us achieve the best trade-off between costs and benefits. We are particularly concerned about the environment, which is why we ask you to be as creative as possible in order to reuse both the cap and the bottle.

Remember, big changes start with small steps. If each of us made a small gesture aimed at respecting the environment, the final result would be better and we would save time in achieving it.


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